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We believe passionately that people can change…

We work with police, courts and prisons to provide assessments, counselling and support to help offenders address their drug and alcohol problems.

These programs only work with people referred to us through the justice system, you cannot self refer.

Our teams run programs at Queensland correctional centres.

And we work with offenders who have been referred to us by their arresting police officer or court officer or are seeing us as part of their bail condition.

These programs are aimed at reducing alcohol and drug related offences and giving people a second chance to turn their lives around.

Police Court TownsvillePolice/Court Diversion (PCD)

We offer Police Court Diversion services in several regions. It is offered by Police and Courts as an alternative to a charge for people who have been arrested for drug-related offences and who have no other criminal history.  Read more…


hope key_smallCommunity Re-entry Services Team (CREST)

The challenges that people face on release can cause stress and worry. However, with support you can get your life back on track. Community Re-entry Services Team (CREST) can work with you to plan your release by connecting you to the right community supports. Read more…

DAARDrug & Alcohol and Referral Course (DAAR)

The Safe Night Out Strategy is the Queensland Government’s plan to reduce alcohol and drug-related violence in Queensland’s nightlife. Part of the strategy requires offenders to complete a one-off Drug & Alcohol Assessment and Referral (DAAR) course.  Read more…

Reclaim Wellness (formerly DO-IT)

We take our support into prisons… Our Reclaim Wellness program is offered to Queensland correctional centres to help inmates whose offending was alcohol or drug-related, and who expected to be released within the next six months.  Read more…

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