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People often need support on release…

CREST (Community Re-Entry Services Team) is our corrective services program offered in Far North & Central Queensland. The challenges that people face on release can cause stress and worry. However, with support, they can get their lives back on track. CREST works with clients incarcerated in the Lotus Glen and Capricornia Correctional Centres, and those on parole type orders in Far North and Central Queensland. CREST offers support based on each individual’s particular circumstances, whether that be related to health, housing/accommodation, gathering identification documents, alcohol and other drug issues, accessing family relationship counselling, or navigating other systems such as Centrelink, or their WorkForce provider.

Do I need a referral?

Those on parole type orders in community, can speak to their Community Corrections case-manager (‘parole officer’) about a referral to CREST.

Prisoners in the Lotus Glen and Capricornia Correctional Centres, can ask Correctional Centre staff to see CREST (this will usually result in an e-Shopfront request). CREST have staff in prison who respond to these requests.

How can your team help?

Our team helps with:

  • information and referral to alcohol or drug counselling, treatment and education
  • housing and accommodation linkages
  • planning for a positive future
  • help gathering identification, such as a Medicare Card, Photo ID or a Birth Certificate
  • connecting to support for practical/immediate needs (for example, food or clothing)
  • linkages to GPs and other health providers to help manage physical and mental health
  • connecting to community and culture
  • support to navigate processes at other agencies, such as Centrelink, Workforce Providers, Child Safety or Community Corrections
  • identifying appropriate support networks according to individual needs.
Is there a cost?

No, our CREST services are free.

Where are you located?

Our CREST service works with those supervised by Community Corrections in the Far Northern and Central regions, as well as being located in the Capricornia and Lotus Glen Correctional Centres.

Want more information?

For further questions about our programs, view our FAQs page here or you can contact us on 1300 727 957.

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