Our Board

Damian Wright – Chairman

Damian is a Chartered Accountant and Audit Partner with BDO Chartered Accountants. He has been working in the accounting profession for more than 25 years and provides services for a wide range of businesses in various industries.

Cheryl Herbert – Deputy Chair

Cheryl has extensive experience in executive management in the health and community sectors. Cheryl was CEO of three organisations spanning over 20 years and is currently Non‑Executive Director of several not‑for‑profit boards. She has undertaken a wide range of quality management system surveys over the past 14 years and led the establishment of Queensland’s first healthcare standards.

David Tapsall – Treasurer

David has worked in senior management with Qantas for more than 33 years. He brings diverse experience to the Board in human resources, industrial relations and finance.

Ray Brownhill

Ray is an inspector of police with over 30 years of experience in the Queensland Police Service, including operational, investigative, training and legal positions. Ray is a Barrister of Law and is the Deputy Chair of QBANK.

Stuart Althaus

Stuart is an experienced CEO, Senior Executive, Engineer and Company Director specialising in Information Communications Technology (ICT), telecoms engineering and strategy. His career commenced as an Army Officer and continues after 40 years as an active Army Reservist. He was previously the CEO of SME Gateway.

Stuart MacKinnon

Stuart is a registered Nurse with qualifications in General and Psychiatric Nursing, Stuart also has significant nursing and hospital management experience. Stuart has demonstrated expertise in health management as an Accreditation Assessor with the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards.

John Murray

John was previously Deputy Mayor of Shellharbour City Council and worked for some 33 years as a senior manager in the NSW Public Service, most recently with the Department of Education and Training. Before working in the public sector, John managed the Wollongong Crisis Centre (Watershed) and served as a Board member from 2018 to 2020.

Jo Osborne

Jo has been at Rowland for over 18 years, providing corporate communication, stakeholder engagement, issues management, and research support to clients of the public and private sectors.

Lisa Fawcett

Lisa is a registered nurse who has worked in clinical and senior leadership positions in Public Sector health and mental health for over 40 years. She has experience in surveying related to quality and safety improvement. Her interests include supporting practice that assists vulnerable groups within the community.

David Rosengren

David is a Specialist Emergency Medicine Physician with more than 20 years of clinical and leadership experience in both public and private hospitals. Whilst maintaining an active clinical role, over the last decade he has provided operational leadership at hospital, whole of health service and also at a state-wide level.