Our Purpose and Values

At Lives Lived Well, we are passionate about the possibilities – for our clients, our colleagues and the community.

Why we exist

Our purpose is to inspire people to live their life well. Our unwavering belief is that with the right support people can change – it is because we believe this, that every day we support people to change their lives.

What we do

We provide support for people affected by:

  • alcohol and other drugs
  • mental health
  • gambling
  • community re-entry.

How we succeed

We focus on our strategic anchors:

  • Evidence-informed services, focused on good outcomes
  • Engaged and capable people
  • A robust organisation.

Our Values

We are humble, human and full of hope. We show up and share. We ask why not and what’s next. We leave a positive wake.

We are humble, human and full of hope

We listen and learn, with respect, gratitude and no judgement.

We’re imperfect. None of us alone has every answer.

We believe in people, and we dream big about what’s possible.

We show up and share

We deliver what we promise. We walk the talk.

We speak up with courage, and ask for help.

We collaborate and trust – it’s our way.

We ask why not and what’s next?

We’re always curious, and open to new ways.

We embrace evidence and explore new ideas.

We reach our goals, and look ahead.

We leave a positive wake

We understand that every interaction counts.

We focus on outcomes, big and small.

Our work goes on when we leave the room.