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Lives Lived Well offers various community and residential programs throughout Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia, helping thousands of people every year. We’re here to help you in overcoming alcohol, drug, and mental health challenges so you can move forward in life.

Our services are provided with professionalism and confidentiality, and they’re free of charge, except for our residential services, which involve a small fee.

You can learn more about our services below to find the right fit for you. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, call us on 1300 727 957 to discuss how we can best help. Our FAQs page also has answers to common queries.

Alcohol and Other Drugs

We offer a range of comprehensive programs to help you overcome your challenges with alcohol and drugs. Programs include individual and group counselling, residential and day rehabilitation, and withdrawal support services.

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Mental Health

Our mental health services and programs run across Queensland, New South Wales, and South Australia. Whether it’s early intervention for psychosis, psychological therapies, trauma-focused assistance, or just help with the everyday stresses of life: we’re here for you.

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For Families and Friends

Worried about someone close to you struggling with alcohol or drugs? Whether it’s your parent, sibling, child, partner, or friend, we can help. Our programs offer information and tools to help you better support your loved one and navigate their recovery.


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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Programs

We work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to help them overcome drug and alcohol problems. We bring cultural understanding and respect to our services, and a range of other supports.

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For Veterans and their Families

Being in the Australian Defence Force or having a family member who serves or has served, brings its own challenges. Whether it’s practical help with employment and housing, guidance through transitions, counselling for your mental health, or even just an opportunity for social connection: we’re here for veterans and their families.

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Custodial Support Services

As a dedicated provider of custodial support services, we help people transition from correctional facilities back into the community with guidance and hope. We’re dedicated to providing you with the personalised support and guidance you need to thrive.

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For Young People

Our programs especially for young people 12 and over include support for mental health, counselling, and help with alcohol and other drugs.

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Medical Centre

The Lives Lived Well Specialist Centre in Burleigh Heads brings GPs, allied health, and psychologists under one roof.

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Online Programs

ConnectWell, launching in mid 2024, is Lives Lived Well’s new free digital service to help clients with a range of mental health and alcohol and other drug challenges. The online portal will complement our current services and delivery, giving you 24/7 access to tailored, flexible support.

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Our programs and services operate in multiple locations across Australia. For some programs we also extend our services through outreach to surrounding areas and telehealth support.

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