Online support, tools, and resources that are personalised to you.

ConnectWell is Lives Lived Well’s new free digital service to help clients with a range of mental health and alcohol and other drug challenges. Launching in mid 2024, ConnectWell will complement our current services and delivery, giving you 24/7 access to tailored, flexible support.

Access online treatment resources

After signing up, clients will immediately gain access to treatment resources, ranging from wellbeing articles and videos to online clinical modules. Standard clinical forms and surveys will also be available through ConnectWell, giving clients an option for submitting information at a time and pace that suits them.

Feel connected at all points

ConnectWell will give clients instant access to tailored clinical and wellbeing content, based on the information they’ve given Lives Lived Well. This gives clients an opportunity to feel supported and connected while they’re waiting to see one of our clinicians, or enter another of our services.

How do I get involved with ConnectWell?

Fill out the below form and we’ll let you know once ConnectWell registrations open.

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