Alcohol and Other Drugs

If you’re struggling with alcohol or drugs, we’re here for you.

We offer a variety of community and residential programs throughout Queensland and New South Wales, helping thousands of people every year to navigate alcohol and drug challenges and move forward in life.

Our services are provided with professionalism and confidentiality, and they’re free of charge, except for our residential services, which involve a small fee.

Explore our program areas below to find the support that meets your needs. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Talk to our contact team on 1300 727 957 and we’ll work together to find the best solution for you. You can also send a referral to us (you don’t need a doctor for this).


Whether in person, over the phone, or online, our compassionate counselling services are offered across various locations in Queensland and New South Wales.

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Live-In & Recover

Our residential rehabilitation services across Queensland and New South Wales offer low-cost programs for those facing challenges with alcohol and drugs. Step into a supportive environment designed for genuine and lasting change.

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Withdrawal Support

Our dedicated team of health professionals are here to provide you with holistic care during your withdrawal process. Our facilities are designed to create a safe and welcoming environment, ensuring that your experience is fully supported with care.

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Not everyone can easily access our services. You might live too far away, face transportation challenges, or simply prefer a setting where you feel safe and comfortable. Our outreach services mean we can come to you.

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Day and Group Programs

Residential recovery programs or live-in withdrawal support aren’t suitable for everyone. Our day and group programs, offering all-around support throughout the week, are designed to fit your needs and preferences.

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Programs

We believe in care, compassion and dignity. We work hand in hand with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to help them overcome alcohol and other drug challenges, nurturing a sense of wellbeing and hope together.

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Support for Families

Worried about someone close to you struggling with alcohol or drugs? Whether it’s your parent, sibling, child, partner, or friend, we can help. Our programs offer information and tools to help you better support your loved one and navigate their recovery.

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Youth/Young Adult

Feeling like alcohol or drugs are gaining control? We’re here for you; our specially trained team can help.

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Diversion Programs

We truly believe in your capacity for change. Working with Queensland Police, courts, and prisons, we can offer personalised assessments, counselling, and support to help you with your alcohol and drug challenges. These programs are only available to those referred to us through the justice system; unfortunately, we can’t accept self-referrals.

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Medical Services

We offer a range of specialist services at the Lives Lived Well Specialist Centre on the Gold Coast. Our centre offers psychologists, GPs, and allied health services. We understand the challenges of visiting multiple centres, which is why we provide comprehensive care all under one roof.

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Find A Service

Phone 1300 727 957 for more information on our alcohol and other drug services in QLD and NSW, or view all our locations here.

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