Looking to kick-start your recovery? Wyla offers detox to recovery, all under the same roof.

Wyla Residential Services is a voluntary medical detoxification and rehabilitation service.

Wyla provides a safe environment to withdraw from alcohol and/or other drugs supporting up to 8 clients, as well as a 20-bed residential unit for people who need a structured live-in environment and have completed the Wyla detox program or have been transferred from another detox unit.

In the historic Bloomfield Hospital Campus just outside Orange in Central NSW, Wyla offers a residential alcohol and drug treatment program, which is part of a continuous package of care and delivered by a multidisciplinary team of Drug and Alcohol Workers, Registered Nurses, Caseworkers, Senior Mental Health Practitioners, a Continuing Care Caseworker and a General Practitioner.

While staying with us in a drug-free, non-smoking environment, you will undertake an evidence-based live-in program, which provides strategies to help you:

  • reduce substance use
  • manage life challenges
  • develop goals
  • and prevent relapse, towards supporting lives free from the harms of drugs or alcohol.

FAQs about Wunya Residential Services

The program runs for six weeks, with the possibility of extending the stay for a further six weeks after you are in the program, depending on your circumstances and progress. As part of the package, you can access:

  • Counselling
  • SMART Recovery
  • Access to Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous groups
  • Mental Health and wellbeing groups
  • Drug and Alcohol Psychoeducation
  • Practical living skills, social, recreational and vocational programs
  • Structured daily program
  • Aftercare support.

MERIT referred clients who are required to complete a 12-week treatment as per their legal orders will complete the six-week program in two cycles with an additional booklet provided in stage two.

Wyla caters for men and women over 18 years.

We believe people should drive their own treatment, so we support you to develop your own case plan, set realistic goals, and implement action plans relevant to your life circumstances. Our rehabilitation program also includes:

  • a structured daily routine
  • social, recreational and vocational programs
  • mindfulness meditation
  • a virtues program
  • drug and alcohol and gambling education sessions.

A key focus is establishing and practicing a drug and alcohol-free routine in preparation for going home. Attendance at local AA/NA meetings is facilitated for those who wish to attend. The program is also suitable for people with cognitive impairments as it includes frequent repetition of elements, as well as roleplay and practicing skills related to problem solving, communication and emotional regulation.

You are required to pay some money towards your stay, which depends on the type of benefit or payment you receive from Centrelink.

Wyla is located at Building 31, Canobolas Drive, Bloomfield Campus, Forest Road in Orange, New South Wales.

You don’t need a GP referral. You can self-refer through our website here. If you have limited access to the internet or would prefer to speak to us to request a referral, please phone the Contact Team on 1300 727 957.

We also accept online provider referrals from other health professionals, services and community and government organisations or they can fax referrals to 07 5546 8223.

For further questions about our programs, view our FAQs page here or you can contact us on 1300 727 957.

You can also download a flyer about Wyla here.