Logan House

At Logan House, we aim to walk alongside, listening with respect, curiosity and acceptance.

One of the many peaceful outdoor areas at Logan House

Logan House, located in a peaceful, rural area south of Brisbane, offers a residential alcohol and drug treatment program as part of a continuous package of care. We’re here to support you on your journey to recovery from alcohol and other drug challenges.

During your stay in our safe, alcohol-free, drug-free and smoke-free environment, you will engage in a person-led, evidence-based and flexible program. Our compassionate and qualified team of health professionals will work closely with you, providing comprehensive care. Together, we’ll help you:

  • reduce your substance use
  • manage life’s challenges
  • set achievable goals
  • enhance key parenting skills, if needed
  • prevent relapse and move towards a life free from alcohol and drugs.

At Lives Lived Well, we ensure your recovery journey is safe and holistic. That’s why our dedicated team at Logan House includes a general practitioner, psychiatrist, psychologists, social workers, counsellors, and an on-site registered nurse team.

Logan House is a place of tranquillity. At Logan House, we believe in giving people second, third and fourth chances as they set out to rebuild their lives.

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Admission and referrals

You don’t need a GP referral. You can self-refer through our website here. If you have limited access to the internet or would prefer to speak to us to request a referral, please phone our Contact Team on 1300 727 957.

We also accept online provider referrals from other health professionals, services and community and government organisations or they can fax referrals to 07 5546 8223.

Admission timeframes vary. Be assured, you will be supported by our Pre-Treatment Team until you can be admitted into our live-in service. Once your referral is received, your support begins.

How much does it cost?

We aim to provide accessible and affordable residential treatment. You are required to pay some money towards your stay, usually a portion of your Centrelink payment. The amount depends on the type of payment or benefit you receive. If self-funding (not receiving Centrelink benefits), you will be required to pay for your full six-week cycle treatment in advance, which is currently $2270.

There is also an upfront admission fee of $690 for people 21 and under, and $740 for people 22 and over (this fee includes your first two weeks of treatment and a medication levy).

How long is the program?

The program is delivered over six-week cycles, with the flexibility to be extended up to three months, depending on your individual recovery and bed availability.

You can receive support from the moment you contact us, until you are fully settled back into the community through our Continuing Care program. You can also access our services before, during and after your stay.

More FAQs about Logan House

The program supports people over 18 years.

Before you enter Logan House, you will work closely with our pre- and post- teams to support you in preparing for Logan House. As Logan House is part of Lives Lived Well, you can access any of the Lives Lived Well services prior to coming to stay with us.

Evidence suggests that success is more likely if based on whether someone completes a program, rather than based on how long a person stays. Studies show that up to 65 per cent of residents don’t stay beyond three months in Australian residential programs.

Therefore, to give people a better chance of program completion, we offer a 6 to 12 week program that is supported by extensive before and after care services in the community. For those who need a longer residential experience, the 12 week period can be extended.

Logan House is not a detoxification facility. People come to our program drug-free (other than prescribed medications) and alcohol-free. Many residents will have had to participate in a detox program provided by another service before they will be accepted into our program. If you need help to find a detox service, please reach out to our pre-and-post team, who can help you.

Logan House accepts people who are engaged in stabilised Opioid Replacement Therapy (ORT).

We work closely with the person, their prescriber and the dispensing pharmacy to ensure their ORT is well managed. To do this, we require that on intake, they have:

  • been stabilised on a consistent dose of ORT for not less than four weeks for Methadone or Suboxone, under an approved ORT prescriber, or for monthly Long-Acting Injectable Buprenorphine (Sublocade or Buvidal), we ask that you undergo two months of dosing without a dosage change
  • been prescribed no other drugs of dependence, including no benzodiazepines, Z drugs, other opiates or sedating antihistamines
  • notified their prescriber of their intention to enter residential treatment
  • provided us with details of their ORT program, including their approved prescriber, dispensing pharmacist and the address of their current dosing point
  • received a written extended ORT prescription (i.e. take-away dose) for the proposed treatment period and copied to the dispensing pharmacist.

All ORT is to be dispensed from our local pharmacy, Logan Village Pharmacy. The pre-and-post team will provide your prescriber with their details.

If you are on ORT and live outside of Queensland, you may be required to work with your prescriber to arrange a temporary interstate transfer.

We know entering residential treatment is a big step. From day one, we’ll aim to make you feel welcome and understood, as we get to know you and your needs. Shortly after you arrive, you’ll be introduced to a treatment facilitator who will work with you to tailor a range of supports to match your needs. You’ll also meet our registered nurses who will ask you questions about your medical background so we can best support you during your stay with us.

We see it as our role to create a safe, supportive and structured environment that inspires genuine and lasting change. Our residential treatment program aims to capture best practices and delivers quality care with professional facilitators.

You’ll receive one-to-one counselling in which you can set goals, ask questions and guide your treatment. We bring empathy and collaboration to our approach, believing you are the ultimate decision-maker in your future. We also take a “community” approach to treatment, upholding the values of integrity, trust, leadership and accountability.

You will be encouraged to participate in community living and take on daily tasks and responsibilities. Here, you can learn life skills, build confidence and gain insight into how you relate to others, always in a supportive environment. We also work closely with other services in the areas of mental, oral, sexual and general health, Centrelink and legal support.

As you move through the program, you’ll meet regularly with your treatment facilitator to review and adapt your treatment over time.

Our care is holistic, tailored to individual needs and education-based. The program takes a harm-minimisation approach and applies a community environment of learning and support as well as individual counselling. Residents are required to remain drug-free throughout and will be provided with support to quit smoking. Research shows that people who give up smoking do better overall in their recovery.

Completing a drug and alcohol residential program is an achievement but only one step on a longer journey. After you leave Logan House, we’ll work with you towards achieving independent living in the community.

At Logan House we have a dedicated Continuing Care Clinician who you will meet during your treatment at Logan House. This same clinician will support you in your community reintegration through weekly community groups and case management for up to twelve months post-treatment. We place you at the centre of your treatment with us, so you choose when this support ends. You can also access free, ongoing counselling in the community through one of our community services. We can also help link you with other services that you may need, such as education, childcare and employment.

Logan House is midway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast at 75 Kirk Road, Chambers Flat.

During your stay, you’ll have scheduled access to your mobile phone in dedicated sessions, at which time you can call your family. You can also send and receive letters. Phone messages can be left at reception for you. Children (infants and young children only) can arrange to visit parents staying at Logan House on weekdays between business hours. These visits need to be approved by the clinical team prior to the visit occurring, and all children must be accompanied by another adult. As you progress through the program, you will earn privileges for weekly day leave. These leave requests must align with your treatment goals. All leave requests must be submitted to the clinical team in writing for assessment weekly.

Please note that due to privacy requirements, we cannot provide any information to family members calling to inquire about your treatment. You’ll need to provide consent if you wish us to provide family members with information.

Yes, you will be able to access other support services if you need them. We also offer other treatment programs, such as parenting programs, support groups and counselling for couples or families.

The Logan House Family Recovery Units, located on the same grounds as Logan House, are available to parents who can participate in live-in treatment and have their children stay with them. Please note that we support single parents to participate in treatment with up to three children, depending on the community dynamics at the time of referral.

Yes. Information collected by Lives Lived Well is confidential. Learn more about how we use this information and how we collect it here.

For further questions about our programs, view our FAQs page here or you can contact us on 1300 727 957.