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Our Nana Muru service provides a free group day rehab program for people aged 18 and over. The program includes individual counselling/case management sessions for assessment as well as treatment and relapse prevention planning. The program will give you practical tools and strategies and also covers health, nutrition and life skills. After completing the program, follow-up support is available in your local region to help you stay on track.

Where is the day rehab located?

Our day rehab program is a mobile service. It will run on set dates at a variety of locations including our Nowra service hub at 78 Bridge Road, in the Bay/Basin region and online. Give us a call to find out where your nearest group is.

How do I know if day rehab is right for me?

Please call the Nana Muru team on 02 6362 5337 to have a chat about the program and find out if it’s right for you. You can also submit an inquiry through our website here.

Do I need a referral?

You don’t need a GP referral. You can self-refer through our website here. If you have limited access to the internet or would prefer to speak to us to request a referral, please phone the Contact Team on 1300 727 957.

We also accept online provider referrals from other health professionals, services and community and government organisations or they can fax referrals to 07 5546 8223.

Is there a cost?

No, the day rehab program is free.

Want more information?

For further questions about our programs, view our FAQs page here or you can contact us on 1300 727 957. You can also download our Nana Muru flyer.