Problematic alcohol consumption is the most common concern for people seeking help at Central Queensland’s newest purpose-built live-in withdrawal and rehabilitation service, Binbi Yadubay – Healthy Beginnings.

The service celebrated its first birthday on 7 December and data from the first its 12 months of operation shows alcohol to be well ahead of methamphetamine and cannabis as the main drug of concern for Binbi Yadubay’s clients.

Around 46% of the people entering rehabilitation at Binbi Yadubay in the past 12 months sought support to address alcohol-related concerns, while 38% sought help for a problem with methamphetamine (ice) and 7% for cannabis.

Since its opening in 2021, the service has offered a ‘healthy beginning’ to 453 people and families from across the region, enabling them to address concerns related to alcohol and other drugs.

Owned by Queensland Health and operated by not-for-profit organisation Lives Lived Well, the service offers support to men and women aged 18+. Binbi Yadubay can also support families with young children, with two family units on site enabling parents to attend treatment while children are in childcare or at school.

Lives Lived Well’s Central Queensland Clinical Services Manager, Mikel Gellatly, said adults could access a safe and supported 24-hour environment to withdraw from alcohol or other drugs through Binbi Yadubay’s 8-bed Withdrawal Unit.

“The withdrawal program is delivered over 5-10 days and, in its first year, supported 118 people,” Mikel said. “On completion, clients can continue their recovery journey at the 32-bed rehabilitation service, located on the same site. In the past year, 233 people have accessed the live-in rehabilitation service.

“The age group we most commonly saw represented was 25-34 years (36%), while 33% of clients were aged between 35-44 years.

“Anecdotally, we know that problematic consumption of alcohol is a major issue across Australia, and our own client data certainly supports that,” he said.

Mikel said the team at Binbi Yadubay was looking forward to continuing to build an inclusive and welcoming service for the people of Central QLD.

“Our first year has been very positive. We already have some clients returning to volunteer with us – they have experienced life-changing support and want to give back.

“It’s incredibly motivating for our clients to meet people who have been through our treatment program and are now living their life well.”

Holistic recovery

While clients complete an evidence-informed treatment program that runs in cycles of six weeks, they also can participate in various programs and activities designed to support holistic treatment and recovery.
Clients can gain life skills, such as cooking, gardening and physical health, by participating in additional on-site activities.

“A lot of energy in our first year has gone into building relationships and networks with local groups and agencies so we can offer clients access to the support they need to address various interests and concerns,” Mikel said.

Mikel thanked the Central Queensland community for supporting Binbi Yadubay in its first year.

“People have been asking for this service for a long time, and thanks to the Queensland Government and Lives Lived Well, it’s now not just a reality. It’s part of the fabric of the community. Thank you to everyone who has helped bring the service to life.”

Lives Lived Well is a not-for-profit provider of drug, alcohol and mental health support services across QLD and NSW. Enquiries about Binbi Yadubay can be made by visiting, emailing [email protected] or calling 1300 727 957.

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