What’s New? Plenty At Lives Lived Well

David Littleproud MP, new Chinchilla Counsellor Lindsay, and Toowoomba Team Leader Tania.

The past quarter has seen us start delivering new and specialised support services, meaning we are getting into new communities, reaching more people and helping more lives being impacted by drugs or alcohol. The nature of our support is changing too, as we introduce programs aimed at meeting people’s different needs in different ways. These new services and programs include Day Withdrawal Programs in Cairns and Mackay; a regular presence in Chinchilla; before and after treatment support for people in rehabilitation and increased supports for people with complex needs.

Day Withdrawal Program

People in Cairns and Mackay are now coming to Lives Lived Well for withdrawal support (for mild to moderate detox), without the need to stay overnight in a facility. Our new community-based withdrawal program means people can access safe support during week days, though extra support can be accessed outside of these hours if needed. Funded by the North Queensland PHN, the program delivers a GP-led process with the assistance of a registered nurse and trained counsellors. It includes assessment and care planning, counselling sessions, exercise therapy, GP appointments and health checks.

People completing the withdrawal program may then access our Life Back group program or individual counselling services.

We’re in Chinchilla

In regional Queensland, we now have a regular presence in Chinchilla, providing support in the town and surrounding areas. This service is based out of the Chinchilla Family Support Centre and is thanks to funding from the Darling Downs and West Moreton PHN.

Rehabilitation – before and after support

New Department of Health (Queensland) funds will soon see us providing more support for people as they enter our rehabilitation programs at Mirikai, Logan House and Shanty Creek; and when they leave them.

Often people require support, or are on a waiting list, prior to live-in stay rehabilitation, and with this funding we will help people navigate the service system to maximise their chances of success. Transitioning out of residential care can also be challenging as people seek to re-enter the community.  We will partner with other service agencies to develop an individualised recovery support and relapse prevention plan, covering such needs as helping the person get job ready or move into education, and find accommodation.

Greater support for complex needs

We are now able to provide increased care for people who have more complex substance use issues due to mental health dual diagnoses. This comes because of funding from Department of Health Queensland through its Connecting Care to Recovery 2016-2021.

Online Referrals for Yourself or Others

Online Referrals for Yourself or Others

Support from Lives Lived Well is now just a click away. Referrals from health professionals or referring agencies and personal enquiries are now able to be received and actioned online.

Asking for help is a big step. It isn’t always easy, practical or possible to pick up the phone or walk into one of our sites.

To make that first approach as easy and convenient as possible, we’ve launched a new online enquiry and referral system. After completing an online referral, one of our friendly team members will contact you in two working days.

The system also makes it simple to see where our services are located, and find the nearest one to you or your patient.

To make a personal enquiry, click here, or to refer someone, click here.