On the road with Breakthrough for Families

Our new Breakthrough for Families (BFF) program has seen more than 100 people across Queensland participate in free public information sessions with our BFF team in just two months.

This innovative program, funded by the Queensland Department of Child Protection, Youth and Women, aims to demystify issues around alcohol and drugs and help families develop strategies to support a family member with a drug or alcohol problem.

A big part of support to families is teaching them self care. The information the program provides not only informs and educates people, but also makes them feel safer and teaches them what they don’t have to accept. As one participant said: “Thank you, now I can do this. We don’t have to put up with certain behaviours, we don’t have to tolerate abuse”.

Our BFF team has delivered 23 two-hour sessions in the Health and Hospital Service regions across Townsville, Cairns, the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane as well as one-on-one sessions with families and individuals, and outreach as far west as Hughenden and Richmond in north Queensland.

The education sessions aim to empower family members to make positive decisions as individuals and as part of a family unit. The sessions are a safe environment for family members to ask questions, allay concerns, build a plan and move forward with renewed confidence.

More sessions are planned for next year – visit our website to see dates and locations. Individuals and families can self-refer through our website or by calling 1300 727 957.

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