Frequently Asked Questions


Why six to 12 weeks?

Evidence suggests that completing a program has a higher association with success than how long a person stays. Studies show that up to 65 per cent of residents are not staying beyond three-months in Australian residential programs.

Therefore, to provide more people with the satisfaction and benefits of program completion, we are offering a six to 12 weeks program that is supported by extensive before-and-after care services in the community. For those who need a longer residential experience, they can stay longer.


What is Residential Rehabilitation?

Residential treatment is based on the principle that a residential setting free of alcohol and non-prescribed drugs, provides an appropriate place in which to address the underlying causes of dependence.

We offer a 24-hour, staffed, residential treatment program, inclusive of intensive, structured interventions after withdrawal from alcohol or drugs of dependence. Our residential treatment is complemented by a full package of care with pre and post counselling and support services available.


Is this a Detox Program?

We offer a separate withdrawal program on site. You will need to have done this program or participated in a detox program delivered by another service before entering our residential rehabilitation program.


Are you currently participating in Opioid Replacement Therapy?

The program accepts people who are engaged in stabilised Opioid Replacement Therapy (ORT). We work closely with the person, their prescriber and dispensing pharmacy to ensure their ORT is well managed. In order to do this, we require that on intake, they have:

  • been stabilised on a consistent dose of ORT for not less than four weeks, under an approved ORT prescriber
  • been prescribed no other drugs of dependence, including no benzodiazepines, Z drugs, other opiates or sedating antihistamines
  • notified their prescriber of their intention to enter residential treatment
  • provided us with details of their ORT program including their approved prescriber, dispensing pharmacist and the address of their current dosing point
  • received a written extended ORT prescription (i.e. take-away dose) for the proposed treatment period and copied in the dispensing pharmacist
  • an approved ORT dispensing pharmacy within a reasonable driving distance of the residential service (this may need a temporary pharmacy transfer).


Do I Have to Be Drug Free in the Program?

Yes. You will need to be free from alcohol and illegal drugs to participate in our programs. We also have a no-smoking policy in place and as a result you are more likely to do well and achieve your long-term goals, if you also tackle smoking.


Can my children or family stay with me or visit?

Our residential rehabilitation program doesn’t allow parents in the program to have their children living with them.  However, we strongly support contact between family members and will facilitate this.

Family Recovery Units are located on the same grounds but separated from the other treatment areas. Parents can participate in live-in rehabilitation treatment and have their children stay with them via this separate program.


Can I access other support services during my stay?

Yes, you will be able to access other support services if required. We can also connect you with our free counselling and support teams before and after your stay.


Are the services confidential?

Yes. Information collected by Lives Lived Well is confidential.