Lives Lived Well still providing support over the phone and online

Lives Lived Well has shifted its alcohol and drug and mental health support to telephone and online platforms in response to the COVID-19 virus and to help safeguard the health of clients, staff and their families.

Lives Lived Well CEO Mitchell Giles said it was vital that the not-for-profit organisation continued to deliver much needed support across its locations in Queensland and NSW, especially during this time of heightened stress.

“Our goal is to continue to provide free support to people throughout the duration of the virus outbreak through our professional telephone and online supports,” Mr Giles said.

“It is important. People can consume higher levels of alcohol and drugs when they are experiencing increased stress, and presently, our communities are doing it tough on all levels, emotionally, financially and socially. Social isolation can exacerbate these concerns”

“It is perhaps even more troubling when you consider that increased levels of excessive drinking and misuse of drugs are harmful to people’s health, which can compromise the immune system, at a time when we all need to be as healthy as possible during the current health and economic crisis.

“Our services offer people tools and information they can use to help reduce substance use and find alternate ways to cope with stress and other life issues.”

Lives Lived Well’s six live-in recovery centres are transitioning to non-face-to-face contact, that is online and telephone. These changes are temporary.

We are working to assist our current residents out of live-in care, with a view to supporting the most vulnerable through use of our transition houses. All clients will be offered continued care through different channels.

Lives Lived Well’s free telephone and online counselling and support is available weekdays. To arrange an appointment complete a referral form online at or call our team.

Enquiries to:
Queensland: Phone 1300 727 957
New South Wales: Phone 1300 596 366


For all media enquiries contact:

Michelle Saftich – Marketing & Media Officer
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