NewAccess Woman

NewAccess, a free, low intensity mental health support program, developed by beyondblue, is now being delivered by Lives Lived Well at Warwick, Gatton, Dalby and Kingaroy, as well as over the phone to surrounding areas.

The six-week program delivered by trained coaches is designed to help people with mild to moderate depression, stress and anxiety, including everyday challenges in their work or personal life.

It was launched in the Darling Downs on 6 August and is funded by the Darling Downs and West Moreton PHN under the Australian Government’s PHN program.

“When you’re sad and struggling you don’t think clearly and you stop talking to people. But talking to someone makes you feel a little bit better. And it helps you move forward and not struggle so much.”

This is how Jenny* described her recent experience of NewAccess.

Jenny met a NewAccess coach at Lives Lived Well after experiencing overwhelming loss over a short period. Her loss began with the death of her husband of more than 30 years, and over the next month, she lost other close family members before finally, the week before she reached out to NewAccess, her best friend lost her battle with cancer.

At first, Jenny’s coach wondered if the program would be able to support someone going through such extensive loss but after the initial session Jenny told her that she was the first person she’d felt comfortable with, and she wanted to come back.

By her final session, Jenny had met all her treatment goals. She was sleeping, putting on weight and seeing her friends socially. She was spending time in her beloved garden again, something she’d stopped doing because it reminded her of her husband. She was smiling and laughing, she was more engaged at work and she’d stopped harmful drinking.

NewAccess is free and open to anyone over 18 years. While a referral is not needed, they are accepted. Simply call 1300 971 309 or visit

*Please note: Jenny is not the client’s real name. Changed to protect privacy. Stock image used.


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