There’s no quick-fix to overcome alcohol and drug problems, but a new short-term rehabilitation program is proving that intensive treatment offered in a supportive environment does help.

Early results from a new 28 Day Treatment Program being offered at the Mirikai Recovery Centre on the Gold Coast reveal that just four weeks of rehabilitation helps sets people up for success.

Mirikai is operated by leading provider of alcohol and other drug treatment services, Lives Lived Well, which initiated the short-term program last year to ensure clients who can’t stay in rehab for extended periods can still gain the tools and confidence needed to recover.

CEO Mitchell Giles said Lives Lived Well recently analysed diagnostic data and client surveys for 62 people that entered and exited the new program between July-November 2016.

“Our analysis showed that people felt significantly less depressed, less stressed and more able to live without drugs. We saw statistically significant improvements across many measures,” he said.

“For example, there was a clear improvement in clients’ confidence that they would be able to resist drugs in a variety of high-risk situations, such as pressure from friends or if they felt angry or upset.

“Some people will improve in rehab simply because they’re no longer using—we want to make sure we prepare people to better manage life challenges once they leave, and maintain positive changes.

“The results of our analysis give us confidence that the way we have structured the first four weeks of our rehab program is achieving desired clinical outcomes. It’s an encouraging finding.”

He said client feedback and current patterns of enrolment guided the design of the new 28 Day Treatment Program.

“We observed that as many as 40% of clients in our six-month program at Mirikai opted out within the first four weeks, for a variety of reasons including the need to return to work or deal with family situations,” Mr Giles said.

“Six months is a big commitment, and many of the core parts of the program are covered early—so it made sense for us to redesign the first four weeks to specifically cater for early exits,” he said.

“Now people receive more intensive support and personalised attention in the first four weeks as staff deliver one-to-one and group counselling. The program is underpinned by motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness, positive psychology, and goal setting.”

Mr Giles said that all new clients now begin in the 28 Day Treatment program and can make a seamless transition into the mid and long-term programs if they are not ready to leave the centre.

“People vary in the severity of their dependency and need for support. We recognise that the journey to recovery looks different for different people, and the 28 Day residential program at Mirikai reflects that.”

Mirikai Recovery Centre is a Gold Coast service of Lives Lived Well. As part of a not-for-profit organisation, Mirikai aims to provide subsidised residential programs that require some payment, usually a portion of Centrelink benefits.

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