Resi staff bring the energy

Life at LLW

Staff working in our QLD residential services came together at Spring Hill last week for a week-long training session in the new residential program, which included Grit+, Reframe, Healthy Recovery, My Recovery Journey, and implementing Trauma-Informed Care.

I was joined Dr Zoe Walter from the LLW-UQ research team to deliver the training, and as always it was a privilege to work with her.  Zoe brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm around groups and treatment facilitation, which was greatly appreciated by the team across the week.

It was great to spend the week with such a passionate and committed group of clinicians and leaders.  There was a wealth of knowledge and experience in the room, and the ideas and insights shared were tremendously valuable. 

I really appreciated that the team were excited to learn about these new programs and incorporate them into clinical practice.   The engagement and collaboration were excellent and there were some fantastic thoughts for how to deliver the programs and support each other going forward.  It was a busy four days, and we covered a lot of content!

Clients at Wunya, Shanty Creek and Logan House will be offered the new clinical treatment program progressively over the coming weeks. I’ll continue to meet with the teams to help them implement the new program, discuss any challenges, and support local adjustments so clients get the best experience of the program possible.  Knowing our people, I’m confident the program will be flying along in no time.

Further training is planned for staff from Wyla and Elouera in late January. Zoe and I are really looking forward to meeting the teams and working together.  

Staff from Mirikai, Binbi Yadubay and Watershed have completed the training across 2021-2022 and have been offering the new treatment programs with good client engagement and outcomes.

Thanks to those who attended the training, for showing up and sharing, and making the week such a rich learning experience for all of us!