What's ahead for Reconciliation at LLW

Life at LLW

It’s a new year and I am excited to continue LLW’s Reconciliation journey with LLW staff!

Last year I was honoured to join LLW’s Reconciliation Action Group. I have always had a strong interest in Reconciliation, so I was delighted to join the group and gain first-hand insights into how LLW is working to support Closing the Gap and advance the standing of our First Nations staff and clients, as well as the communities we work in.

LLW’s Reconciliation action in 2022 was substantially driven at a ground level with local regional service activity, which was recognised in the Deadly Awards.  

The re-invigorated RAP committee, including Chairperson, Nathan and Project Officer, Merinda, facilitated a RAP planning event and have a solid plan for projects and activity for 2023.  

New members have been invited to join the committee, and our support network Yufla Yumplatok will be regularly scheduled in 2023 to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff through a regular network meeting to connect and support.  

Red Dust Healing training was very well received by those who participated, and the positive cultural understanding and influence on service delivery that this brings will be more broadly shared across the organisation in the coming year.