Our Story

Our story is one of transformation —a journey grounded in people helping people.

The journey of Lives Lived Well began with humble beginnings on the Gold Coast, where volunteers rattled cans on street corners, dedicated to making a positive impact for those affected by drugs or alcohol. This grassroots initiative marked the beginning of our unwavering commitment and passion for meaningful change, laying the foundation for what has evolved into a proud history of transforming lives.

Founded in May 2012, Lives Lived Well emerged from the collaboration of two leading alcohol and drug service providers: the Alcohol and Drug Foundation Queensland and the Gold Coast Drug Council. This partnership blossomed from a shared vision, ignited by the realisation of the good we could accomplish together, by combining our expertise and resources.

Since joining forces, our path has been one of profound transformation, as we embarked on a purpose-driven path of planned growth. We have continuously evolved and strengthened our clinical practices, invested in research and training, and expanded our service offerings to better meet the diverse needs of the clients and communities we support.

In September 2017, we merged with Lyndon in NSW, aligning our shared goals and values to create a stronger organisation committed to making a difference in the lives of more people. Then, in October 2022, we welcomed Watershed through another amicable merger, enhancing our services in Wollongong, NSW. The union of Watershed and Lives Lived Well reaffirmed our commitment to providing quality support to individuals and families affected by alcohol or other drugs.

Today, our dedicated team comprises more than 500 staff members and is further enriched by a collaborative network of contractors, students, and volunteers. Unchanged from our beginnings is our fundamental belief that with the right support, people can change their lives.

We are grateful to receive funding from various government bodies, both federal and state, and work closely with our funders to ensure our services meet the needs of the communities we serve. Operating across more than 60 communities throughout Australia, we provide support to thousands of individuals and families each year.