When our team members take care of their own wellbeing, they are better placed to support our clients to live their lives well. Lives Lived Well’s sixth annual Wellness Week, held from 9-13 October and coinciding with World Mental Health Day and Mental Health Month, served as a powerful reminder of the importance of engaging in self-care.

Under the theme ‘Awareness, Belonging, Connection’, our teams organised a diverse range of activities tailored to their unique needs and locations. The core idea about choosing this theme, which is associated with Mental Health Month/Week initiatives across the country, was to raise awareness of what activities boost wellbeing and strengthen connections among colleagues.

During Wellness Week, our teams actively engaging in a wide array of activities to support physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. So, we are grateful to our team members who embraced the initiative and organised activities.

Some teams explored their artistic sides, creating paint-by-number pieces, engaging in freestyle drawing while enjoying nature, as well as basket weaving. For those wanting to get active, dragon boating, tennis picnics, mini-putt-putt, lawn bowls, and even glow-in-the-dark golf tournaments were on the agenda. Whereas tranquillity was the priority for other teams, with staff participating in relaxing picnics, Tai Chi Shibashi sessions, yoga, meditation, and peaceful beach walks. Wellness Week also saw teams participate in random acts of kindness, a thrilling table tennis tournament, and visit the Recovered Futures Art Exhibition.

Wellness Week has come to a close, the importance of self-care and wellbeing remains at the forefront. At Lives Lived Well, we offer a range of wellness activities among the many benefits we provide. If you’d like to learn more about our organisation and working with us, we invite you to explore the details on Our Benefits page available on our website.

 Lives Lived Well staffs celebrated the dog office's birthday
five people holding tennis racquets and smiling
2 gold color prize cups
a group of people having picnic in the park and chatting


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