Twenty employees from across Lives Lived Well have been fortunate to complete the “transformative” Red Dust Healing program in 2022.

More than 17,000 people from across Australia have completed this week-long program since it started.

Red Dust Healing was designed from an Aboriginal perspective but the program is not just for Indigenous people, it is for all people. The program is targeted at the heart, not the head.

During the week, participants learn about rejection, grief and loss as the foundation of all hurt. They are encouraged to examine their own personal hurt. Through role play, participants are placed in the position of being hurt (victim) and then as the person doing the hurting (perpetrator).

The program identifies the emotions felt as the victim and then the hurt caused as the perpetrator.

Participants agreed they came away with a better understanding of the power of healing and how important this is for people on their recovery or healing journey.

The training was delivered by Wiradjuri man, Uncle Tom Powell. Uncle Tom created a safe space for all participants to share deeply personal insights. His combination of humility, warmth, gentleness, humour and acceptance made this training very powerful.


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