Telehealth Information

We are still here for you, your appointments are still at the booked time, our reception number 07 5699 8248 is still available if you need to change these times, we are still having all our team meetings, the only change is that none of this is face-to-face and we are doing everything we usually do by phone and video.




Tips on how to make the most of your “virtual” therapy sessions

At the start of the session you will need to “settle in” as we are missing the usual routine of driving to the appointment, sitting in the waiting room etc. which all help us to prepare for the session. You may describe your surroundings to the therapist, or they may show you the space they are in so you can feel like they are more than a face on a screen.

Likewise at the end of the session we usually “transition” out of the session, walking through the waiting room, perhaps chatting to Charisse to book the next appointment, and we have a journey home in which to think about the next session before we launch back into life. So at the end of your session think about ways in which you can give yourself some time to change from being in therapy to being back in the family home. Perhaps walk around the block, sit in your garden for some time, journal, have a warm shower, chat with a trusted family member (perhaps this is the cat or dog!).


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