While the nation stops to watch the Melbourne Cup, the bets won’t stop after that one social flutter for almost four hundred thousand Australians who are experiencing gambling problems. For too many, gambling has become a serious problem and accessing support is key for these people to get control back over their lives and finances.

Lives Lived Well’s Gambling/Clinical Services Manager Gerard Moloney said a lack of regular screening by clinicians meant problem gamblers were going undetected and not getting helped in a timely way.

“Research shows that 58 per cent of problem gamblers also have an alcohol or other drugs issue, and 38 per cent will have a mental health condition,’ he said.

“Therefore, clinicians treating people for problematic substance use or mental health concerns are well placed to also screen their clients for gambling problems.

“We call on them to implement this screening as a regular part of their client assessments and we are keen to support them in this.”

Lives Lived Well is now offering clinicians access to free Problem Gambling Screening training. This training can be done as a short course online or a facilitator can be invited to deliver a 90-minute workshop in a workplace.

The online course can be found at: https://liveslivedwell.docebosaas.com

To request a facilitator or for general inquiries email [email protected]

Typical signs of problem gambling may include keeping the behaviour hidden from loved ones, concealing how much you’ve spent or where you’ve been, frequently checking websites for updated odds and planning multiple bets to recoup possible losses.

Typical false beliefs that reinforce gambling include: “I’m due to win”, “After a few losses I’m more likely to win”, “My superstitions and lucky charms make me more likely to win” and “If I use a system or strategy, I’ll win more”.

If you or someone you know has a problem with gambling, you can contact The Gambling Helpline (1800 858 858) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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