Are alcohol or drugs becoming a problem? We can help over the phone or online…

Our new young adult  program, Turning Tides Telehealth, has a professional team ready to help people aged 16 to 25 years who feel they are being impacted by alcohol or drugs.

Young adults face many pressures, including issues that come up at work, in your finances, social circles, education, health and relationships, and sometimes alcohol or drugs are used as a way to cope, but become a problem on their own. External pressure to drink or engage in drug use can also be constant.

Our professional counsellors work with you to help identify the underlying causes behind your use of alcohol or other drugs and provide you with tools and strategies to help you cope with life pressures, external influences, manage urges and stay on track with your goals.

The team’s free support provides:

  • three 30-45 minute individual counselling sessions over the telephone or online
  • alcohol and drug education, information and resources
  • and referral to ongoing support, such as the opportunity to connect with other Lives Lived Well programs and services, if required.

The Turning Tides Telehealth program was developed in partnership with a research team at The University of Queensland.

Is this service right for me?

  1. Ever felt the need to cut down on your drinking or drug use?
  2. Feel annoyed by people complaining about your drinking or drug use?
  3. Feel guilty about your drinking or drug use?
  4. Have strong cravings and you cannot control the urge to drink or use drugs?

If you answer yes or two or more of these questions, then talking to one of our phone/online counsellors may be able to help.


No, you can self-refer by calling 1300 727 957 to make an appointment.

Referrals are also welcome from other service providers, including GPs, health professionals, youth workers and community organisations.


No, Turning Tides Telehealth is a free program.


The Turning Tides Telehealth Program has been developed in partnership with The University of Queensland. A university research team is monitoring the program and its effectiveness and may call upon you to provide feedback. Your support with this research is optional but would be much appreciated as it helps us to tailor and improve on our service delivery.

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