Queensland Drug and Alcohol Council
About us

The Queensland Drug and Alcohol Council (QDAC) was established in 2001 to expand drug and alcohol service delivery services throughout Queensland.

QDAC established an assessment and referral Shopfront in Cairns in 2010, and recently opened a residential therapeutic community in Mareeba to provide residential treatment services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from Cairns and the surrounding regions.

What is the Shanty Creek Therapeutic Community?

The Shanty Creek facility operates as a Therapeutic Community and provides residential rehabilitation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and women, aged 18 years and over, whose lives are affected by the misuse of alcohol and other drugs.

Clients can be referred from health, welfare and community organisations, or they may self refer. The current maximum number of residents at any one time is 20. Applications for admission can be made in person or by phoning the QDAC Shopfront on 4086 4017. Suitable applicants will undergo a comprehensive assessment.

Length of the program

The Shanty Creek Therapeutic Community is holistic residential treatment program that takes 6-9 months to complete (depending on individual progress). Based on a 3 step progression program, it covers cultural, educational, therapeutic, health, social and spiritual wellbeing.

Rules of the Therapeutic Community

In order for a therapeutic community to function there needs to be structure and rules that all residents agree to live by. While these might seem overwhelming at first, people entering the community soon come to realise the importance of having clear guidelines for the day to day running of the program.

Does it cost?

Residents are expected to contribute some of their Centrelink benefit towards the cost of the program. The balance of funding comes from the Department of Health and Ageing.

Where are we located

Located in Scenic Mareeba, we are situated on 25 acres on Shanty Creek Road. Transport is offered to consumers once an assessment has been completed at the QDAC Shopfront which is located in Bunda St, Cairns.

Contact us

Shanty Creek Therapeutic Community

294 Shanty Creek Road
Mareeba QLD 4880

t: 07 4086 5300

Queensland Drug and Alcohol Council (QDAC)

149-152 Bunda Street
Cairns QLD 4870

t: 07 4046 8017 or 07 4046 8080